Your projects, business processes, schedules, daily routine and any other kinds of work are made of tasks, so task management system is fundamental to the success of your business. The better you manage your own tasks, the better you manage your employee tasks. The best task management program should help you manage tasks throughout their life-cycle and let you choose the most useful and effective task management tools for increasing your company performance. CentriQS features a built-in task management software with a variety of tools for planning, tracking and reporting tasks.

Task Planning

Task planning is the most important task management tool that determines whether your goals will be reached successfully or not. CentriQS lets you plan your own tasks and tasks which you will delegate to your team or allocate among your company staff. Different people plan their work in different ways so the task management system they use should allow them adjust the software to their workflow. In order to make a good plan you will need the following task planning features which can be used separately or in combination with each other:

Creating Task List

Task List
Plan your daily tasks in the most simple yet the most effective format of 'to-do list'

Setting Task Priority

Task Prioritization
Do the right things in the right order and make sure you accomplish the most important tasks first

Setting Task Due Date

Task Due Date
Organize yourself and your team by setting date and time by which tasks should be completed

Creating Task Breakdown Structure

Task Breakdown Structure
Decompose complex tasks into simple and manageable subtasks to make an accurate plan

Setting Task Dependency

Task Dependency
Set finish-to-start dependency so that successor tasks cannot start until predecessor tasks finish

Estimating Task Duration

Task Duration Estimation
Estimate time required for task completion to get project duration or employee workload

Scheduling Tasks

Task Scheduling
Make your plans more specific in terms of time by planning task start and finish dates and time

Creating Recurring Tasks

Recurring Tasks
Create regularly repeating tasks that recur daily, weekly, monthly and yearly

Assigning Task to User

Task Assignment
Assign tasks to users manually or let the program make automatic task assignment

Using Task Template

Task Templates
Save time on recreating typical tasks and projects over and over again by using templates

Task & Time Tracking

Tracking task execution and monitoring time spent on tasks is an essential part of task management software. CentriQS lets you be constantly aware of the progress you and your employees are making, as well as of any potential risks which may arise out of procrastination or poor planning. Our task management program is very flexible so you can use any approach that works for you the best: from the most simple to the most complex. Here are the tools you can use for better task and time tracking depending on your needs and goals:

Updating Task State

Task State
Update task state to see the progress you are making and notify managers of the work you've done

Updating Actual and Remaining Duration

Actual and Remaining Duration
Monitor employee performance by tracking time they have already spent or need to finish their tasks

Creating Time Logs

Time Logs
Add time logs or use task timer to track time you spend on tasks and projects

Tracking Task Progress and At Risk Tasks

Task Progress and 'At Risk' Tasks
Track task progress and be aware of 'at risk' tasks to complete your projects on-time and on-budget

Tracking Almost Due and Overdue Tasks

Almost Due and Overdue Tasks
Make sure that tasks will be done before the due date or take corrective actions for overdue tasks

Getting Task Reminders

Task Reminders
Get task reminders not to forget about essential tasks which are critical for your daily work

Getting Task Notifications

Task Notifications
Stay informed about all significant task updates by getting task notifications as popup alerts or by email

Tracking Task History and Comments

Task History and Comments
Use task history to see the logs of all or particular task changes and comments made by users

Task Reporting & Analytics

Task reporting and analytics functionality is a cornerstone of task management software. CentriQS provides you with enterprise-level tools for making regular quantitative and qualitative measurements of your team or department productivity and generating soft and hard copies of the preformatted reports. Below you can learn more about our task management solution for tracking key performance indicators, analyzing progress and critical trends, creating report documents according to your company standards:

Task Reports

Task Reports
Generate preformatted reports on tasks and projects for further printing, exporting or sending by email

Task Filters

Task Filters
Set filter conditions of any complexity and save the most frequently used filters as presets

Task Printing & Exporting

Task Printing & Exporting
Print out task-related views or export them to the most popular file formats to create quick reports

Task Analytics

Task Analytics
Create intelligent, informative and flexible Pivot tables to summarize and analyze large data set

Task Analytics Charts

Task Analytics Charts
Use charts of various types to display task analytics data in the most comprehensive and efficient way

Task Dashboard

Task Dashboard
Combine multiple task related views on a single task dashboard to track team progress in real time

There are hundreds of task management software programs in the market, so you need to understand if our program is for you without downloading and installation. The list of key benefits will not help you here, because all of them are the same: you will stay on track, share tasks and collaborate, work faster and better, and so on and so forth. Let us save your time and tell what CentriQS is, and what it is not.

CentriQS is not:

1. A personal to do list software (by the way we have several such programs if you need)
2. Online task management software (still you can access the database through Internet)

CentriQS is for you, if any of the statements below is true:

1. You need multi-user task management software for Windows.
2. You'd like to continue working over your tasks even if your Internet is down.
3. The other programs you've tested are so simple that they get useless.
4. You are not going to adjust your workflow to functionality, but vice versa.
5. You want to make a one-time payment and take the issue off the table.

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